Degree Programs Offered in the Distance Education Mode and Online

1. Master of Science in Education (major in : Educational Management / Mathematics)

2. Master in Business Administration

3. Master of Science in Rural Development

4. Master of Professional Studies in Rural Development

5. Master in Local Government Management

6. Master in Agribusiness Management

7. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in Development Education

8. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in Development Education : Old Curriculum : Old Curriculum

9. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in Rural Development

10. Master in Renewable Energy Systems

11. Master in Environmental Management


Transnational Education (Residential, offered with the University of Liverpool, UK)

11. PhD Sustainable Food Systems by Research (Dual Degree)

  1. Basic Environmental Impact Assessment
  2. Basic Local Governance
  3. Certificate in Teaching
  4. Project Feasibility Preparation and Implementation
  5. Agricultural Training Management
  6. Agricultural Research Management
  7. Local Development Planning
  8. Entrepreneurship
  1. Diploma in Land Use Planning
  2. Diploma in Local Government Management

DOTUNI Grade Portal is an Online Grade Information System for the DOTUNI students. It allows the students to:

  • view grades online
  • request Certificate of Grades per semester
  • request Certification of Enrollment