Admission Requirements

  • A bachelor's degree or master's degree from a recognized education institution
  • Original transcript of records with a GPA of 2.00 or better. *
  • Letter of Intent
  • Certificate of GWA/GPA
  • Proficiency of English Language**
  • A duly accomplished application form (PDF format)
  • MS Program - Two letters of recommendation from former professors or supervisors (PDF format)
  • Ph.D. Program - Three letters of recommendation from former professors or supervisors (PDF format)
  • Two 2x2 recent colored pictures
  • Application fee of P50.00 payable to CLSU Cashier's Office or thru CLSU Open University Landbank Account (for more info about payment click or visit Online Payment of School Fees)

* Applicants with lower GPA may be admitted on probation.

** For foreign applicants.


Admission Procedure

An applicant who is a Filipino shall accomplish and submit to the DOT Registrar OU Forms 1 & 2 and for a foreign national, accomplish and submit OU Forms 1, 2, & 3 together with two copies of his/her most recent 2"x2" color pictures.

The Department Chairperson concerned evaluates the applicant's records and recommends to the DOT Dean the acceptance of the applicant to the program.

The applicant is notified by the DOT Dean of the status of his/her application to the program he/she desires to pursue. In case of change of program to be pursued, the applicant is required to go through the entire application process.

An applicant who is recommended for admission by the Department Chairperson concerned and whose application is approved by the DOT Dean qualifies for registration. A system of on-line registration will be developed and adopted.


Residence Requirement

A master’s degree must be completed within five school years and a doctoral degree, seven school years, excluding leaves, counted from the start of matriculation in the Distance, Open, and Transnational University.

Qualifying Examination for Doctoral Program

The qualifying examination is intended to assess an OU student's preparedness to pursue the doctoral program.

The student must take the qualifying examination within the first year of residence in the program.

The qualifying examination is oral and is administered by the student's Advisory Committee.

A student who applies for a qualifying examination must have passed all the four core courses. His/her application must be recommended by his/her Advisory Committee, and approved by the DOT Dean upon the recommendation of the Department Chairperson.

The Advisory Committee informs the student after the examination whether or not he/she is qualified to pursue the doctoral program of his/her choice. If qualified, the student's study program is finalized in consultation with the Advisory Committee.

The DOT Dean approves the student's study program upon the recommendation of the Advisory Committee.


Comprehensive Examination

Comprehensive examination is required in graduate education to provide a means for the integration of all learnings for application and evaluation purposes especially for research, extension and training.

The type of comprehensive examination questions are applied, evaluative and integrated as decided by the faculty/department.

Nature of the comprehensive examination. The comprehensive examination is written. The re-examination could be written or oral at the option of the student.

After completing their course work and before conducting their thesis/dissertation research, all OU graduate students are required to take and pass the comprehensive examination.

Applicants for comprehensive examination. A student applying for comprehensive examination must have finished all the academic courses and has no incomplete grade in any subject taken. The subjects for comprehensive examination are those listed in the approved program of study except seminar and special problem .

Filing of application for comprehensive examination. A student intending to take the comprehensive examination must file an application upon the recommendation of the Chairman of his/her Advisory Committee and endorsement of the Department Chairperson. The DOT Dean shall approve all applications for comprehensive examinations.

Passing percentage for comprehensive examination. The student should get a minimum rating of 75 percent to pass in each subject. His/her final grade in the comprehensive examination is either pass or fail.

The results of the comprehensive examination are submitted by the Examination Committee to the Office of the Dean not later than one month after the last day of examination.

Student who fails to take the comprehensive examination on schedule should request the Examination Committee in writing for a special comprehensive examination, provided he/she conforms to all requirements given to those who earlier took the comprehensive examination.

The re-examination shall be scheduled and taken within the semester, and should not be later than 1 month before the semester ends. Results shall be submitted to the DOT Dean two weeks thereafter.

Leave of absence during scheduled comprehensive examination shall not be allowed except for medical reasons.

A student who does not perform satisfactorily in the comprehensive examination shall take either a written or an oral re-examination.

The oral re-examination is administered by the Chairperson and Members of the Examination Committee.

Failure in the aforesaid re-examination means that the student will take the course on audit, and then take another comprehensive examination, the questions of which shall be prepared by the faculty member/tutor who will handle the audit course. Failure in this re-examination shall mean dismissal of the student from the degree program being pursued and that he/she will not be allowed to shift to other fields of study.